Teeb Media is a video production company based in Stockport, Manchester. We started operations in 2016, with previous experience in the industry coming before that. With multiple years of working in videography, we have all of the needed experience and more to get the best out of footage and make the best video's possible. We have a large amount of facilities to aid us in creating the best product possible.



I have been creating short films for a few years now, having a huge passion for the many aspects of film. In my view, everything is made as a story. A creator needs a story in order to create a video with meaning, and without meaning then the video is pointless. I am currently studying a degree in film and post production at Staffordshire University in order to further my skills and allow me to make the best films I possible can. 

I set up Teeb Media to allow me to do something that I love, and use it to further enhance my skills, whilst meeting many other people who can help me along the way. I'm now qualified in Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro through Lynda/LinkdIn learning, furthering my skills in this sector.


Here at Teeb Media, we stay up to date with all of the latest technology to ensure that we can create the best video possible. We use full state of the art HD camera's to capture our footage, allowing us to capture every single details of each shot. All of our footage is edited on Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premier Pro, allowing us to get the absolute best out of our shots and sounds. We make sure that we use the best technology that we can in order to create the best short films possible.

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